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Contact me at scott@misterpaterson.com to make an appointment.


I’m a fine artist, illustrator and tattooer based in North London. My particular style of work is what I’d describe as “Etching” style. I use combination of dotwork and fine lines to create all of my work on both canvas and skin. When I began tattooing I undertook many different styles, but after much experimentation I started to find my own visual language and have chosen to pursue that further in recent years. I now work solely in black ink producing work with a dark aesthetic.


My influences are broad but I love the power of religious and occult imagery and I try to capture some of that power in my own work. My paintings and illustrations reflect my work on skin and vice versa. Although I stick firmly to my own style, when it comes to subject matter I’m completely open to ideas and I love tackling big projects. I’m always looking for new individuals/brands to work with. If you’re interested in my work please contact me using the form below.

The Fifth Chamber

Fully licensed tattoo studio in North London.

Custom work by appointment only.